Grasping Globalization

John Manzella

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Indirectly, his long association with John turned Bill McKibben’s life-long belief that “Doing The Right Thing” was the best way to succeed in business, into a passion. Bill’s “Five Rules” (See Essentials tab above) were written as part of a contribution to this book. The Rules ultimately led to Bill’s Play Nice, Make Money.

While Globalization is not about the Ethical Business Model, the culture it has spawned has made “Reputation” more important and more fragile.  As Tom Friedman points out in his monster best seller, The World Is Flat, “In a flat world you can’t hide. Whatever you do, whatever mistakes you make will be searchable one day.”  So it’s important that you understand Globalization and learn to live and work with it.  There are few individuals on the planet who understand this issue as well as John Manzella.  Grasping Globalization is a must read for those who would thrive in this new reality.

On his John points out:

"In our ultra-competitive world of new global realities, succeeding in business isn't easy. It requires tough decisions that sometimes involve moving factories to China or outsourcing services to India. But in our current environment of fear and suspicion, these responses often create even more difficulties when poorly communicated to the media, policymakers, employees and investors. The result: bad press, policymakers running for cover, low employee morale and decreased investor confidence.

Grasping Globalization reveals:

  • The real impact of globalization,
  • Myths about outsourcing and job losses,
  • How executives can more effectively communicate their corporate responses to achieve greater understanding, acceptance and support."

The author, John Manzella, is a communications and global business strategist, as well as  a speaker and columnist on international business, economic growth and globalization.  He has written several books,  his articles are distributed nationally by McClatchy-Tribune and Knight Ridder/Tribune, and he has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times and many other national and international publications.

As president of Manzella Trade Communications Inc., he advocates positions to Members of Congress and advises several of the world's largest corporations.

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