The Speed of Trust

Stephen M. R. Covey

“Trust” is and always has been an important quality in my life.  It’s the quality I have hoped others would find in me and one I most admire in others.  Trust means more than honesty to me, it also encompasses integrity, ability, and character. 

I expect honesty, but beyond that, I want to be sure that those assigned a task have the ability to carry it out, and that they have the character to carry on in the face of daunting obstacles.  Miss any one of the three and you will likely miss the mark.

Without competence and the courage of one’s convictions, honesty has no legs.  I have been frustrated too often by those well-meaning folks whose passion leads them to take on a task for which they lack the skill, perseverance, or stomach to accomplish.

I must admit that Stephen M. R. Covey has broadened my view of this attribute. He sees trust as the foundation underpinning all the elements that I espouse as essential to creating an ethical business model. Covey makes a very convincing case in The Speed of Trust.  It’s a great read and one you should have in your library