Do Business with People You Can Tru$t

Laura Rittenhouse is a business communications pioneer.  As a Senior VP at Lehman Brothers, she observed that open and transparent companies performed better for their shareholders. In the 1990s she opened "and BEYOND Communications."   She began researching corporate communications -primarily CEO's Shareholder letters- to see if her anecdotal observations were valid.

They were!

Now her annual Rittenhouse Rankings issued each spring are a valued source of information for savvy investors.  She is a sought after speaker and consultant serving those in business who are looking to make their sharholder communications more open and transparent.  Warren Buffett is Laura's "Poster Boy" for corporate transparency.  He writes his own letters and they often run close to 15,000 words.  Each details the events of the year, warts and all.

Rittenhouse wrote Tru$t in 2002.  It was launched at Buffett's annual meeting in the spring of that year. It has been a popular fixture at his meetings each year since, with a third updated edition rolled out at the 2007 gathering in Omaha.  In her book Laura gives you the tools and tells you exactly how to analyze stockholder communications and spot the flaws.

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