Firms of Endearment        

We think this is the best business practices book ever written.


Based on sound research principles, writer David B. Wolfe and academics Rajendra S. Sisodia and Jagdish N. Sheth have created the seminal work to launch a sea change in business practices. They have provided proof positive that the road to profitability begins with an ethical business model.  Case studies, graphs and tables show the positive result of maintaining high ethical standards in dealing with all stakeholders.

The authors set out to find companies that met that standard.  The criteria used to choose the companies that make the cut as Firms of Endearment are organized around what the authors call  “The five major stakeholders of modern corporations.”

They use the acronym “SPICE” to define these stakeholders:

Society—       Local and broader communities as well as

                                                governments and other societal institutions,

                                                especially nongovernmental organizations.

Partners—     Upstream, horizontal, and downstream

partners such as suppliers and retailers.

Investors—    Individual and institutional shareholders,

and lenders

Customers— Individual and organizational customers;

                                current, future, and past customers.

Employees— Current, future, and past employees along

with their families


The thirty (28 are listed in the book) firms that have been chosen to date are:

    Amazon                           Harley-Davidson             Progressive Insurance

    Best Buy                           Honda                                  REI

    BMW                                  IDEO                                     Southwest Airlines

    CarMax                            IKEA                                     Starbucks

    Caterpillar                      JetBlue                                 Timberland

    Commerce Bank           Johnson & Johnson        Toyota

    Container Store            Jordan’s Furniture         Trader Joe’s

    Costco                                 LL Bean                                UPS

    eBay                                   New Balance                      Wegmans

    Google                              Patagonia                            Whole Foods

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