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The Great Lakes Group

Welcome to Business Ethics Central!

Our company is dedicated to promoting the Ethical Business Model and the sea change it makes in the way businesses operate.

From our Senior Partner W.T. "Bill" McKibben’s book, Play Nice, Make Money, to the other books and articles listed that support this concept, we have gathered the evidence to convince you of the validity of this benevolent way to do business.  

Check out the folders on the tabs to the left.  There’s much to read; Books & Articles.

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We offer services from consulting, to speaking and seminars, as well as ethics training programs.

Our publishing operations enable those in business who want to tell the story of their business and industry to fulfill that dream. We offer everything you need to create a book, “The Ultimate Calling Card” as Fast Company magazine called it.

Please contact us with your questions and suggestions, and above all Know This, the best way to do well is To Do The Right Thing.


A Great Corporate  Gift

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Let your customers or clients know that you support a culture that treats them and all those who come into contact with you on the highest ethical basis.

It was once famously said, "A book is a whole lot more impressive gift than a paperweight." And in the case of Play Nice, Make Money, it's a whole lot cheaper.

In quantity (50 - 10,000) we can offer Play Nice, Make Money at dramatically reduced prices. We can create a custom cover, or include a letter inside the book. Contact us for details: